School of Music, Theatre, and Dance COVID-19 Policies

Updated 08.13.2022

SMTD will adhere to all CSU COVID-19 and general public health policies, found here.

In addition to CSU COVID-19 Polices, the following are highly recommended for the performing arts at CSU:

  • Reinforce use of masks by all students and staff when not singing or playing wind instruments (unless class is outdoors, and distance can be maintained). N95 or KN95 masks are highly recommended.
  • Consider conducting the class in an outdoor/open environment.
  • If the class is held indoors, ensure the ventilation system is optimized in terms of  flow rate and filtration, e.g., use the air scrubbers every hour for 10 minutes minimum.
  • Run air scrubbers before and after classes & rehearsals for at least 10 minutes (if possible) to flush ensure proper air exchange.
  • Limit the number of students, faculty, and staff at one time in storage and backstage areas.
  • Maintain physical distancing where possible to protect students, faculty, and staff.
  • Modify or adjust seating arrangements during music classes to allow for a minimum of 6 feet between students, faculty, and staff whenever possible.
  • Avoid exchange (or sharing) of any instruments, parts, music sheets, or any other items.
  • Use disposable absorbent pads or other receptacles, where possible, to catch the contents of spit valves. Discard and clean properly after use.
  • Consider using “bell covers” for the openings of brass to minimize the generation of droplets and aerosols.
  • Limit, where possible, sharing of props, costumes, and wigs.
  • Clean and disinfect dressing rooms, green rooms, and production areas