Donors to the School of Music, Theatre and Dance

Thank you for your generosity! Gifts to the School of Music, Theatre and Dance provide crucial scholarship support, enables the evolution of our programs and performances, and gives our students the opportunity to obtain their education in one of the region’s most distinctive facilities for visual and performing arts students. We hope you enjoy watching the culmination of your gift during this performance!

Add your name to this list of special people by giving a gift via the envelope in your program, online, or learn more by contacting Tonya Malik-Carson at (970) 491-3558.

Thank you to the following supporters from August 1, 2015 to the present.

Benefactor: $5,000 and Above

Anonymous Donors
Mr. Clyde L. Abbett*
Dr. Stephen E.* and Mrs. JoAnne Z. Busch
Mr. Robert D. and Mrs. Melissa W. Cromwell
Ms. Betty S. Cromwell-Hatch*
Mr. James R.* and Mrs. Roselyn M. Dailey
Dr. David L. Edwards, LHD
Estate of Clyde L. Abbett
Dr. James K., Ph.D. and Mrs. Wendy W. Franzen
Dr. Ann M. Gill
Mr. Stewart V.* and Mrs. Sheron Golden and Family
Dr. Frederick A. and Mrs. Antonia E. Johnson
Dr. Laura G. Jones
Mr. David P. Knight*
Mr. Thomas P. and Mrs. Jahanna M. Knight
Mrs. Myra H. Monfort
Mr. James R. Mulvihill
Dr. Charles L. and Mrs. Frances R. Ralph
Mrs. Nancy A. Richardson
Mr. Wayne K. Schrader
Dr. Pat A. Stryker, LHD
Mrs. Marla S. Trumper
Dr. Edward M. Warner, LHD and Ms. Jacalyn D. Erickson

American Endowment Foundation
Best Western University Inn
Bohemian Foundation
Conn-Selmer, Inc.
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Fidelity Investments (FMR Corp)
First National Bank
The Griffin Foundation, Inc.
Home State Bank, West Branch
Kaiser Permanente
Kenneth & Myra Monfort Charitable Foundation
Music Depot LLC
RBC Wealth Management
William & Virginia Blandford Charitable Foundation

Maestro: $2,500 - $4,999

Mr. David A. Adkins

Community Foundation of Northern Colorado
Denver Lyric Opera Guild
Mill City Church

Artistic Director: $1,870 - $2,499

Mrs. Karen Bershad
Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Jennifer Jarvis
Mr. P. Scott Johnston and Ms. Ann K. Yanagi
Mr. Brian C. and Mrs. Kimberly O. Miller
Ms. Myra J. Moon*
Ms. Cynthia A. Mousel National Philanthropic Trust
Dr. George C., III and Mrs. Louise F. Thornton
Mr. William Z. and
Mrs. Sarah L. Withers

The Benevity Community Impact Fund
The Claude Bennett Family Foundation Inc.
LPL Financial
Thornton Charitable Foundation
United Way of Larimer County, Inc.

Virtuoso: $500-$1,869

Mr. Donald D. and Mrs. Martha H. Bender
Mr. Troy J. and Mrs. Kristi L. Bohlender
Mr. Richard A. and Mrs. Maripat P. Borowski
Dr. James W. Boyd, Sr. and Dr. Sue Ellen M. Charlton
Dr. Loren W. Crabtree, Ph.D. and Ms. Monica S. Christen
Mr. Donald K. and Mrs. Carrie L. Davis
Mr. Michael G. and Mrs. Susan F. Deines
Mr. James H. Doyle
Mr. Richard C. Dudley and Ms. Allison Sheldon
Ms. Berniece L. Echols*
Mr. Harry L. and Mrs. Phyllis Ferguson
Ms. Claire T. Fleming
Mr. James J. Fleming, Jr. and Ms. Tillie Trujillo
COL Mark E. Gill
Dr. Kenneth G. Hanks, D.V.M.
Prof. Roger Hanna
Mr. Asher Haun
Mr. Philip A. Hewes
Mr. Gary E. and Mrs. Carol Ann Hixon
Prof. Price C. Johnston
Dr. Pierre Y., Ph.D. and Dr. Helga Julien, Ph.D.
Mr. Douglas* and Mrs. Beth Keasling
Ms. Charlotte J. Kendrick
Mr. Dong J. and Ms. Soonmi Lee
Mr. Ben and Mrs. Katherine Loeffler
Dr. Kelly A. Long
Mr. Charles B. Mabarak
Mr. Julian Maynard and Ms. Paula Ralph
Dr. William G. and Mrs. Vivian M. McBride
Mr. Michael A. Murati

Virtuoso: $500-$1,869 (con't)

Ms. Joan H. Patmore
Mr. Lawrence D. and Mrs. Rita M. Reid
Dr. Seung H. Seong and Ms. Kyung S. Cho
Mr. Peter R. and Mrs. Linda E. Sommer
Ms. Jane K. Sullivan
Ms. Gayle R. Treber
Dr. Rocci V. and Mrs. Marla S. Trumper
Mrs. Mary L. Tyler
Dr. Donald L. Venneberg and Ms. Gail L. Austin
Dr. A. Wayne and Mrs. Wynona R.* Viney
Mrs. Gail E. Woods
Dr. Robert W., Ph.D. and Dr. A-Young M. Woody, Ph.D.
Mr. John S. and Mrs. Jane Wright

Glover, Inc.
Horizon Mechanical Solutions
Southwestern Property Corporation
Tyler Little Family Foundation

Artist: $250-$499

Anonymous Donors
Mr. Franklin Ascarrunz
Mr. Rick and Mrs. Toni Atkinson
Mr. Aidan J. Cox
Ms. Niki Dameron
Dr. William B., Ph.D. and Mrs. Carol N. Davis
Mr. Brinton S., Jr. and Mrs. Carolyn B. Deighton
Dr. Harry W. Edwards, Ph.D.
Mr. Vernon E. and Mrs. Catherine R. Eiswerth
Ms. Pamela M. Grotegut
Mrs. Grace K. Harris*
Ms. Sue E. Kandel
Dr. Harry F. Krueckeberg
Dr. David H. and Mrs. Peggy W. Lindstrom
Mr. Gerald R. and Dr. Carole J. Makela
Mr. Gerald P. and Mrs. Rosemarie McDermott
Mr. John A. and Mrs. Felice K. Morel
Mr. Ben W. Nesbitt
Mr. John B. and Mrs. Tracy A. Oldemeyer
Mrs. Paula A. Redmond
Mr. Stephen L. Rodgers
Ms. Linda A. Sallustio
Mr. James M. Schafer
Mrs. Theresa D. Shelton
Dr. Craig E., Ph.D. and Mrs. Lorraine L. Shuler
Mr. Jeffry S. and Mrs. Pamela J. Snauwaert
Mr. Macaul C. Trowbridge
Mrs. Peggy L. Trowbridge
Dr. Donn M. and Mrs. Mary K. Turner
Mrs. Elizabeth A. Vukovich
Mr. Michael C. and Mrs. Jo Karen S. Werner, OTR

Alliance Data

Producing Partner: $249 and below

Anonymous Donors
Mr. Randol Aikin
Dr. B. Harold and Mrs. Joyce Y. Anderson
Mr. Grant A. and Mrs. Cheryl Anderson
Mr. Timothy M. and Mrs. Diana W. Anderson
Ms. Shannon K. Anthony
Ms. Denise F. Apodaca
Dr. Richard C. Aster, Ph.D. and Ms. Jan M. Tarr
Mrs. Scharee L. Atchison
Ms. Judith J. Avers
Mr. Robert E. Babcock
Mr. John W. and Mrs. Kelly L. Bailey
Ms. Callie M. Baker
Mr. Terence P. and Mrs. Anne C. Baxter
Dr. Donald Y., M.D. and Mrs. Donna W. Beard
Ms. Doreen M. Beard
Mr. Dennis D. Becker
Dr. Nasrin Begum
Ms. Heather M. Bellotti
Dr. Edward L. and Mrs. Marjean K. Bender
Mrs. Agnes M. Benedict
Mr. Paul Berger
Mr. James B. Bienemann
Mr. John W., Jr. and Mrs. Anne C. Blair
Mr. W. Jeffrey Blume and Ms. Elaine R. Podell
Mr. Dan and Mrs. Maureen A. Boddicker
Dr. John R., M.D. and Mrs. Nina R. Bodenhamer
Mr. Rodney A. and Mrs. Regina L. Boerner
Mr. Charles M. and Mrs. Dorothea L. Bonneau
Mr. Dennis and Mrs. Mickey G. Bookstaber
Mr. Bruce W. and Mrs. Teresa L. Boynton
Dr. Robert E., III and Mrs. Sally S. Braddy
Mr. Timothy and Mrs. Karen Bradley
Dr. Douglas R. Brahee
Dr. Norman D. Brammer*
Ms. Amanda M. Brazzel
Mrs. Danna B. Breen
Dr. Dennis R., D.D.S. and Mrs. Becky A. Brenkert
Mr. Donald E. Brown
Mr. Harry A. Brust
Mr. Edward Budd
Prof. Carl R. Burgchardt
Mrs. Jill C. Burgchardt
Mr. Bryan and Mrs. Natalie B. Burningham
Dr. Morris U. and Mrs. Frances J. Burns
Mr. Neil Burris and Ms. Sandra Mazarakis
Mr. Alan and Mrs. Melissa Burrus
Mr. Wilford W. Burt
Ms. Allison J. Bush
Mr. Mario P. Caballero, Jr.
Mr. Patrick T. Cagney and Ms. Alisa A. Ralph
Mr. Donald W. Cain
Mr. Kenneth L. Callaway
Ms. Adrienne Cano
Mr. Joel and Mrs. Megan Canter
Mr. Bryan J. and Mrs. Dana L. Carney
Ms. Margaret Carroll Jackson*
Dr. Cory D., M.D. and Mrs. Michelle T. Carroll
Mr. James A., P.G. and Mrs. Martha S. Carroll
Mrs. Mary K. Carroll
Mr. Gary G. and Mrs. Colleen E. Cassell
Mr. Robert N. Cavarra*
Ms. Margaret R. Cech
Mr. Shenchou and Mrs. Chen P. Chang
Mr. Jon and Mrs. Renee Clontz
Mr. Donel L. Conley and Dr. Margaret E. O’Rourke, D.V.M.
Mrs. Janet M. Cook
Mr. Keith E. Cooley
Ms. Coleman E. Cornelius
Mr. Fred N. Coulson, III
Ms. Brook Coulter
Mr. Robert Cox
Mr. Michael E. and Mrs. Shirley J. Culp
Dr. Robert S. and Mrs. Judith D. Custer
Mrs. Sharon Dameron
Mr. William A. Dameron
Dr. Jeris A. Danielson, Ph.D.
Mr. Robert L. and Mrs. Mary C. Derick
Dr. James K., Ph.D. and Mrs. Jacquelyn L. Detling
Mrs. Jeanne F. DeVita
Dr. C. George Dewell, D.V.M.
Mr. Wendel H. Diebel*
Ms. Christa M. Dinkelman
Ms. Marilyn Dockery
Father Henry L. Doyle
Mr. Joe Drew
Mrs. Patsy J. Dyekman
Dr. Christopher L., O.D. and Mrs. Stephanie L. Eddy
Mr. David C. Edmiston, Jr.
Mrs. Judith A. Ehernberger
Mr. Jason R. Ellsworth
Ms. Janet Emmanuel
Mr. John H. and Mrs. Marianne E. Evenhuis
Mr. Jack R., C.P.A. and Mrs. Joan M. Ewing
Ms. Joanne E. Fallert
Ms. Melissa R. Farquhar
Ms. Jordan E. Farr and Ms. Chaos K. Faulder
Mr. Bernard G. Fehringer
Dr. William W. Ferguson, D.D.S.
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Diane L. Fetherolf
Rep. Randolph C. and Mrs. Kathryn A. Fischer
Ms. Joan H. Fishburn
Dr. Craig R. Flickinger
Dr. Robert W. Folbrecht, D.C. and Ms. Joyce A. Durol
Mr. Harold Folsom
Mr. John V. and Mrs. Katherine E. Fontana
Ms. Kathryn A. Forgach
Mr. Bruce and Mrs. Jean A. Fox
Ms. Cheryl L. Fox, C.P.A.
Mr. Michael W. Foxhoven
Mr. Joe Frank
Mr. Jerome Freier and Ms. Melanie J. Reed
Mr. Wendell E. Frey
Mr. Timothy E. and Mrs. Susan E. Fuchtman
Ms. Frances Garth
Mrs. Melinda M. Gartrell
Reverend Robert A. Geller, Ph.D.
Ms. Yingchao Geng
Dr. Bruce L. and Dr. Helen M. Gibbons
Mr. Lionel F. and Mrs. Kaye G. Gilchrist
Mrs. Rose Gillmore
Mr. William Gipson
Mr. Mark W. and Mrs. Gwen L. Glaeser
Dr. Robert P. and Mrs. Patricia E. Godwin
Mr. F. Michael and Mrs. Michelle L. Goodbee
Ms. Patricia M. Goward
Mr. Donn E. and Mrs. Margot Graham
Prof. David, II and Dr. K. Dawn Grapes
Mr. Lawrence S. Graves*
Dr. Charles A., M.D. and Mrs. Madeline M. Greeb
Ms. Taryn E. Greisler
Ms. Hope Grey
Mr. Ken Grey

Producing Partner: $249 and below (con't)

Mr. Donald J. and Mrs. Karol A. Hagberg
Mr. David M. Haggerty
Mr. Gene C. and Mrs. Kathryn L. Hamilton
Mrs. Patricia A. Harder
Mr. Dwight L.* and Mrs. Grace K.* Harris
Ms. Mims B. Harris
Ms. Nora L. Hastings
Mrs. Kathleen B. Hauge
Mr. Matthew D. Heap
Mr. George and Mrs. June Henebury
Ms. Linda J. Henry
Mr. David W. and Mrs. Maria E. Hensley
Mr. Scott W. and Mrs. Jill D. Herbertson
Mr. Randy R. and Mrs. Connie E. Herring
Ms. Nancy R. Hill
Mr. Thomas R. and Mrs. Amy L. Hirn
Mrs. Carol Ann Hixon
Mr. Donald W. and Mrs. Marlene P. Hodder
Mr. David J. Hodge and Ms. Mary Sue Rowan
Dr. Robert W. and Mrs. Maureen B. Hoffert
Mr. David F., P.E. and Mrs. Susan K. Hoffman
Mr. Anthony P. Hofmeir
Ms. Kathleen J. Hogan Bonk
Ms. Mary E. Holmes
Mr. Michael E. Horton
Mr. Joseph C. and Mrs. Cindy L. Hsu
Ms. Amy H. Huang
Mr. Paul E. Huff
Mrs. Marcia Huner
Ms. Kelsey E. Hunter
Mr. Nathan T. and Mrs. Cecily M. Hurianek
Mrs. Frances A. Ingram, LOTR
Ms. Jennifer Clary Jacobs
Ms. Cynthia Jacobson
Ms. Janice Jeffryes
Mr. Ray E. Jenkins
Mr. Ronald K. and Mrs. Susan R. Jetter
Prof. Nancy A. Jianakoplos
Dr. James J., Ph.D. and Mrs. Sharon A. Johnson
Ms. Kim Johnson
Mr. Carl C. and Mrs. Monique Z. Jorgensen
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Rowain Kalichstein
Mr. Leo R. and Mrs. Mary Lou Kallinger
Ms. Sayaka Karasugi-Ruggles
Mr. Joseph A. Kennedy
Ms. Sarah H. Kiefhaber
Mr. James M. and Mrs. Melanie B. Kilgore
Mr. David L. and Mrs. Kris Kimball
Mr. Randy A. and Mrs. Kimberly M. Kinder
Ms. Julie A. King
Mr. Kevin R. and Mrs. Mary Z. Kirsch
Ms. Julie R. Klein
Mr. Howard W., Jr. and Mrs. Jeanette E. Knapp
Mr. David P. Knight*
Mr. James C. and Mrs. Debra K. Knutson
Ms. Regina Kolbeck
Mr. Ronald L. and Dr. Linda K. Krein, Ph.D.
Mr. Jay Kurtz and Ms. Joan M. Rabe
Dr. Ashley B. Lagasse
Dr. Fred J. Laine, M.D.
Dr. Jim Lansford
Mr. Kirk D. and Mrs. Sue C. Larsen
Mrs. Debbie Lawrence
Mr. Paul C. and Mrs. Jill M. Layden
Ms. Julie A. Lechtanski
Dr. David W. and Mrs. Jean Lehman
Mr. Ronald R., Jr. and Mrs. Tonya L. LePlatt
Mr. David K. and Mrs. Sue E. Lilyblade
Ms. Veronica L. Lim
Ms. Kuei C. Lin
Mr. Jack L. and Mrs. Veronica L. Lindeman
Dr. David H. and Mrs. Peggy W. Lindstrom
Dr. Arthur T. and Mrs. Sheri L. Linnell
Mr. Robert M., Jr. and Mrs. Mary K. Loner
Dr. Kelly A. Long
Prof. Michael Losonsky and Dr. Jane E. Kneller, Ph.D.
Mr. Ronald J. Lynch
Mr. Jacob D. Machmer
Mr. Andrew P. Madden
Mrs. Tonya C. Malik-Carson
Mr. Lawrence and Mrs. Susan Maloney
Mr. Albert and Ms. Suzanne M. Maniccia
Mr. Stephen E. Manthey
Mr. Scott J., Jr. and Mrs. Betty R. Marshall
Mrs. Beverly F. Martin
Dr. Donald H. and Dr. Dorothy H. Martin
Mr. Joe A. and Mrs. Sandra L. Martinez
Mr. Scott and Mrs. Kim Mattes
Mr. Ray L. McAnelly
Mr. David P. and Mrs. Lindsay S. McCarthy
Mr. Gordon E. McClintock and Ms. Claire A. Schamberger
Mr. James R. McDonald*
Mr. Timothy J. and Mrs. Rosanna M. McKeown
Mrs. Martha L. McNeal*
Ms. Sondra S. Metcalf
Mr. Gordon C. Meurer
Mr. Mark Meyer
Mr. Daniel E. Michna and Ms.
Deborah A. Krogh-Michna
Lt Col Dwight D., USAF (RET) and Mrs. Jeanette C. Miles
Dr. John E., Ph.D. and Mrs. Billie B. Mitchell
Mrs. Cynthia L. Montgomery
Mr. Michael P. and Mrs. Sandra L. Moore
Dr. Hubert J. and Mrs. Chula J. Morel-Seytoux
Ms. Elizabeth Morley
Dr. Lee M. Morris, D.V.M.
Mr. Michael J. Morrison
Mr. Royce A. Muchmore and Ms. Amy F. Moran
Ms. Lynda G. Nansel
Mr. Bill F. and Mrs. Kathleen A. Neal
Ms. Carolyn A. Neary
Mrs. Patrice S. Newman
Dr. Robert F. and Mrs. Ellen R. Nisbett
Dr. Howard O. and Mrs. Sonia A. Nornes
Dr. Bonnie Nowak
Mr. Robert A., III and Mrs. Mavis C. O’Connor
Mr. Timothy M. and Mrs. Jackie A. O’Hara
Dr. Garrett J. O’Keefe and Ms. Margaret J. Viste
Mr. Kenneth L. Ogan and Ms. Jo Anne Hagen
Mr. Charles R. Oldenkamp
Mr. Raymond J., Jr. and Mrs. Dotti L. Orazem
Dr. Donald A., Sr., D.V.M. and Mrs. Jo Ann Ostwald
Mr. Kenneth V. Ovrebo

Producing Partner: $249 and below (con't)

Dr. Philip L. and Mrs. Linda J. Painter
Mr. Greg Parets
Mrs. Rene L. Parish
Mr. Charles F. Parker, Jr.
Mr. Kurt R. Pasch
Ms. Barbara Paterson
Ms. Judith A. Pearson
Mr. Jay and Mrs. Kirsten Peaslee
Mr. David L. and Mrs. Marsha J. Peek
Ms. Crystal E. Pelham
Mrs. Lisa L. Pere
Mr. Frank T. Pierz
Mrs. Marian F. Pike
Mr. Loren L. and Mrs. Patricia Pinkerman
Mr. Christopher and Mrs. Kimberly K. Plant
Mrs. Stacy D. and Mrs. Nancy A. Plemmons
Mr. Patrick W. and Mrs. Darcy D. Post
Ms. Bonnie C. Prewitt
Dr. Eric and Mrs. Mary E. Prince
Ms. Janet M. Puckett
Ms. Barbara B. Pullin
Ms. Sally J. Purath and Ms. Elizabeth Dunn
Mr. Michael F. and Mrs. Carol K. Quirk
Mr. Karl Rabe
Mr. Nicholas R. Reese
Mr. Lawrence D. and Mrs. Rita M. Reid
Ms. Ellinor J. Reiser
Mr. Warren D. and Mrs. Sheryl T. Rich
Dr. Gary V. and Mrs. Alice F. Richardson
Mr. William C. Risheill
Robert P. and Patricia E. Godwin Trust
Dr. Kenneth W. and Mrs. Mercedes D. Rock
Mr. John T. Rogers
Lt. Col. Kurt E., USAF (RET) and Mrs. Julie R. Rohloff
Mrs. Connie E. Rosengarten
Mr. Ryan H. Rosete
Mr. Lionirez R. Rubio, Jr.
Lt Col William H., III, USAF (RET)
and Mrs. Michele R. Rutledge
Mr. John R. and Mrs. Rebecca L. Saccardi
Mr. James M. and Mrs. Jennifer A. Schafer
Mrs. Susan C. Schell
Mr. Roger J. and Mrs. Maureen Schmitz
Mrs. Patricia K. Seaser
Dr. Thomas A., Ph.D. and Mrs. Anne L. Shepherd
Mr. Michael D. and Mrs. Gail B. Shimmin
Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Kay Shrum
Dr. Craig E., Ph.D. and Mrs. Lorraine L. Shuler
Mrs. Mary L. Shultz
Mr. Nathan A. Sidinger
Mrs. Susan J. Sidinger
Dr. Sue P. Siferd
Ms. Rachel A. Singer
Mr. Gary L. Sirota and Ms. Robyn S. Bailis
Mr. L. Stephen and Mrs. Janeen M. Sivon
Mr. Mark L., III and Mrs. Colleen C. Sloniker
Ms. Minnie Slusarski
Mr. Edwin Smith
Mrs. Kathryn S. Smyth
Mr. A. Dane Snodgrass
Mr. Sam Solt
Mr. Peter R. and Mrs. Linda E. Sommer
Mr. David M. Sorensen, P.E.
Mrs. Marilyn R. Specht
Mr. Paul W. and
Mrs. Julia A. Spencer
Mr. Todd R. and
Mrs. Debby D. Sprong
Dr. John D. Staples
Ms. Julia H. Stone
Mr. Linn M. and
Mrs. Emily R. Stordahl
Mr. Wilbur W. and
Mrs. Geraldine G. Stutheit
Ms. Daisie A. Sutton
Ms. Hannah Suzuki
Ms. Deborah L. Svedman
Dr. Robert L., D.V.M., Ph.D. and Mrs. Barbara J. Sweat
Mr. Alan W. Switzer
Mr. Yaron Tal
Dr. David K. Thaemert, P.E., Ph.D.
and Mr. David L. Andrews
Mr. Garth M. and Mrs. DeAnn M. Thompson
Mr. Richard A. and Mrs. Jane N. Thompson
Mr. Ross A. and Mrs. Madeline S. Thompson
Ms. Winifred I. Tillotson
Mr. Scott F. Tipton
Mrs. Catherine E. Topf
Prof. Adam A. Torres
Mr. Michael A. and Mrs. Olivia L. Tremblay
Dr. Thomas J. Trout
Mr. Gary M. Tubesing and Ms. Jennifer L. Wagner
Mr. Gary L. and Mrs. Kathleen J. Turner
Mr. Bruce M. and Mrs. Gwyneth M. Van Buskirk
Mr. Aron J. Villanyi
Dr. A. Wayne and Mrs. Wynona R.* Viney
Mr. E. Charlie and Mrs. Sarah E. Vogel
Mrs. Nancy B. Wall
Ms. Rebecca Wall
Mr. Norman G. and Mrs. Barbara T. Warner
Mr. David A. Weber
Mr. Paul A. Weber
Miss Michelle L. Wellman
Mr. John A. Wendt
Mr. Michael J. Wenzel
Ms. Alison White
Mr. Troy L. and Mrs. Laura B. Whitmore
Mrs. Clare M. Wilber
Mrs. Kay E. Williams
Mr. Daniel R. Willis and Mr. Max A. Nall
Dr. Quinton A. and Mrs. Kimberly D. Winger
Col Joseph C., USAF (RET) and Mrs. Beverly J. Winsett
Ms. Jennifer R. Wolfe
Dr. Porter S. Woods*
Dr. Casey D., Ph.D. and Mrs. Lora I. Wright
Mr. Dale I. and Mrs. Judith A. Wygant
Mr. Bruce T. Yost
Mr. Roger A. Young, Sr. and Ms. Anna K. Forgach
Ms. Grace R. Zach
Mr. Theodore G. and Mrs. Ellen B. Zibell
Dr. Robert L. Zimdahl, Ph.D.
Mr. Edward L. and Mrs. Mary E. Zorn


Animal Urgent Care
The Benevity Community
Impact Fund
Drew Financial, LLC
Eastside Self Storage Fort Collins

Individuals (* = deceased)