Student Profile: David Saccardi

Meet David Saccardi, undergraduate music student and Principal Bass of the Cheyenne Symphony.

David is a senior in the Department of Music, with a double major in Music Education and Double Bass performance.  A bass player of nine years, he has played in several different orchestras and as far away as South America and Europe.  Amongst many seasoned musicians, David competed for and was chosen as Principal Bass in the Cheyenne Symphony. He is also a member of CSU Symphonies and the Fort Collins Symphony.

Saccardi is not only a performer, but a teacher. In addition to teaching in his own private studio in Fort Collins,  Saccardi was Orchestra Director at Hummingbird Music camp in New Mexico. Many of his students have been accepted to Colorado Allstate Orchestra and UNC Western States Honor Orchestra.  In his last semester at CSU in Spring 2011, he will be student teaching in the Department of Music.

What was it like competing for a principal position in the Cheyenne Symphony with others who had been playing professionally for many years?

It was intense auditioning for the Principal Bass job in Cheyenne. It wasn’t as simple as playing an audition and winning the job.  I had to go through several rounds of auditions over a year and a half, and the final stage was actually playing a masterworks concert as principal as sort of a “test run” to see if I could handle the job. The individuals I was competing with are all very talented and competent players, who all have several years on me.  Even though I won the job, these members are still in the orchestra and I’m happy to call them my colleagues.

What are you looking forward to as a performer in both the Cheyenne and Fort Collins Symphonies?

In Cheyenne and Fort Collins, I’m looking forward to expanding my orchestral repertoire and networking with other professional musicians.  In Cheyenne in particular, since I’m principal up there, I’m excited to continue learning about the inner workings of a professional orchestra, ranging from auditions, programming, bowings, etc.

What performances and/or ensembles do you participate in while at CSU?

Here at CSU, I’ve participated in Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra, Opera Pit Orchestra, CSU Sinfonia, Chamber Groups, some work with the Wind Ensemble, and 5 semesters with Jazz Ensembles and Combos.

What do you enjoy most about studying in the Department of Music at CSU?

I value all of the performing opportunities I have received at CSU. Through the orchestra program and study in the bass studio, I’ve gotten to perform a large and valuable chunk of orchestral and solo repertoire, and it’s great experience to take to my professional playing into the working world.

What genre of music do you most enjoy playing? What is your favorite piece of music you performed as a student at CSU?

I play a lot of different styles of music, but I get the most joy from playing classical music.  Here at CSU, my favorite performance would be when the orchestra performed Mahler’s First Symphony a few years ago.  Getting the chance to perform that piece was a huge boost for my professional and musical development.

Would you rather perform professionally or teach others?

Ideally I’d like to perform AND teach.  Performing gives me professional experience that I can bring back to the classroom and to my students, and the better a musician I am, the more I’m able to impart that experience on my students.

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