CSU Summer Music Camp: Status Update


Due to your participation and interest in the CSU Summer Music Camp, it’s important to us to keep you informed about the future of the camp.

CSU has hosted a summer music camp on its campus for the past 51 summers and during that time the focus of the camp has evolved and changed with each generation.  What started as a predominantly band-oriented camp has morphed into a camp that includes programs for jazz, harp, voice, orchestra, as well as band.  With any institution that has existed for such an extended period, it is important to stand back and objectively measure the effectiveness of that institution. This fall the faculty at CSU has examined the Summer Music Camp in this manner.

Due to the ever-increasing cost of running the camp, each subsequent year requires a higher number of registrants to balance the budget. When an unexpected event, like this past summer’s wildfires, deters students from attending the camp, we risk absorbing a significant financial loss. Further, by trying to serve as a camp that meets the needs of students with such wide-ranging experience levels, and in so many different instruments and areas, we aren’t fully serving any of those students.

Ultimately, the inherent financial risk that we are exposed to within the current camp structure requires that we proceed with a new model, effectively addressing these issues. Therefore, we are introducing a smaller, more focused camp modeled on the Advanced High School Institute – a successful camp add-on the past two years – to replace the current CSU Summer Music Camp. The CSU Chamber Music Academy will be targeted at 30-40 high school musicians selected by audition; CSU faculty will directly engage with outstanding student musicians in an intensive setting. Click here for information about the CSU Chamber Music Academy.

Like the music program at CSU, the summer music camp has grown and changed during its history and we believe this new approach will flourish in coming years. The Chamber Music Academy joins our Marching Band Camp, Theory Workshop, and other high school programs, providing opportunities for students to continue their musical development through the summer months. Additionally, we will continue to offer special programs throughout the year such as Honor Band and Choral Leadership Day, giving students the opportunity to connect with our program and faculty. Finally, we stay strongly committed to outreach and will continue visiting schools and working with student ensembles.

We appreciate your past support to the camp and we sincerely hope you continue to advocate and/or attend the music activities we offer at CSU throughout the year.

Todd Queen
Chair, Department of Music, Theatre and Dance
Colorado State University

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