Griffin Concert Hall

  • 550-seat concert hall includes some of the most advanced acoustical design features in the region, including articulated walls, ceiling clouds, and raked seating designed to provide the highest quality sound.
  • Named in honor of Edna Rizley Griffin, a longtime advocate and benefactor of the performing arts including the Fort Collins Symphony Orchestra and the Lincoln Center Concert Hall.
  • The hall hosts ensemble concerts, Ralph Opera Program productions, Gregory Allicar Museum of Art lectures, local arts organizations, and nationally and internationally acclaimed performers who find the space extraordinary.
  • At the time of its opening in Sept. 2004, Griffin was ranked by the Denver Post as one of the five best venues in Colorado for classical music.
  • The University Center for the Arts is furnished with over 75 high-quality pianos distributed throughout the performance venues, rehearsal spaces, and practice rooms, including many new Steinways.
  • Square Footage: 7,800.
  • Read about the opening event.