Instrumental Rehearsal Hall

Students pictured rehearsing in Instrumental Rehearsal Hall
  • The Instrument Rehearsal Hall accommodates the largest ensembles, including the CSU Marching Band.
  • A large instrument storage area provides instant access to chairs, stands, and a vast array of percussion instruments, according to the needs of the class.
  • The space is outfitted with technical equipment, including a projector and screen, numerous speakers, and recording equipment. A/V equipment allows recorded feedback for conducting students, and the marching band often studies videos of their performances on the large screen.
  • Acoustic panels throughout the room and ceiling create an optimal setting for rehearsing and performing. The beautiful maple floor provides a concert hall level of acoustic response, and strategically-placed, heavy curtains allow for additional acoustic adjustment as needed.
  • The space features a 40-foot ceiling to accommodate large ensembles, including the marching band or a full orchestra with chorus, while preserving hearing.
  • The University Center for the Arts has more than 75 high-quality pianos distributed throughout the performance venues, rehearsal spaces, and practice rooms, including many new Steinways.
  • Square feet: 4,800