Music Therapy Clinic and Brainwaves Research Lab

Music therapy currently has a designated space in the University Center for the Arts, inclusive of two operational clinic spaces. The large clinic can hold groups of 15-20 and the small groups can seat around 10 people. These clinics provide ample space for clinical interactions and are equipped with a video system for recording clinical interactions, soundproofing, and an array of musical instruments. The clinics have an adjoining observation booth with a one-way mirror where preclinical students can observe clinical sessions without being obtrusive.

The music therapy area also includes the interdisciplinary Brainwaves Research Laboratory (BRL). The BRL consists of one large room with an EM-shielded sound attenuation chamber (interior 3.7x3.2 meters) used for conducting EEG/ERP recordings. We also have space with the laboratory’s main computers used for conducting analyses of the EEG/ERP data or video-audio recorded behavior. The Brainwaves lab owns 64channel Biosemi Active Two system (Biosemi B.V., Amsterdam, Netherlands). Visual, auditory or tactile stimuli can be presented to the participant by a second Dell Latitude E6430 notebook computer using the E-Prime 3 software and a Chronos instrument box.